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Lost rank??!??

by Dj_QuiK521

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Lost rank??!??

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K i updated the game to the new patch today and played some ranked games. Before the patch i was platinum 1 and on my way to diamond. I get on a ranked game and im suddenly gold 3? What is going on?? Can someone tell me what happened? Its very frustrating!

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Re: Lost rank??!??

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@Dj_QuiK521Season split hapend Standard smile


"The Apex Legends ranked season is divided into two splits to generate a competitive spirit and keep players engaged. The first split will be played on King’s Canyon from May 12, and the second split will be played on World’s Edge. The planned split reset will happen on June 23.

Like before, ranks will suffer a soft reset in between the two splits and rewards will be granted for the highest tier achieved in either split. Players can also earn exclusive animated badges if they make it to the same tier in both splits."

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