Lost game

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Lost game

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I opened the eco workshop and it didn't work. I was at lvl 42. I contacted EA support and did all that was listed. Then decided to double check my game was saving to cloud, Facebook was linked to my game, Google Play was linked to my game and EA was linked to my game. So, deleted the game and reinstalled it. Game asked if I wanted to get saved game from the cloud, lvl 42 and I clicked it. Then it loaded and what I got. Jumping head, starting from zero! This was second time this happened after I tried to fix something, I lost my game. EA support didn't help me last time to get my game back, I am not waiting much now either. Anyone else had this happened? Did you get your game progress back? 

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Re: Lost game

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@Ternipu So sorry to hear this. Level 42, you must want it back very badly.
Did you play through the tutorial? If you follow the prompts as if you were starting a new game, your old game shows up after a bit.
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Re: Lost game

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Yes, I played the tutorial and waited my game to load and started it. It opened as the screen shot shows.Disappointed

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Re: Lost game



Unfortunately this is an issue that we can't help you fix from the forums. In order to get help to recover your game progress, you need to send in a Help Ticket from your in-game app.


A Help Ticket from your in-game account is a message that brings through needed details directly to mobile advisors. 


Using other methods like Facebook or Twitter will only delay support and  you will be asked to go back and send an in-game help ticket.


Help tickets from your mobile in-game account are the best way to contact support as they will go through directly to the mobile advisors who will be far more informed.


If you are not able to open your game app, please use the following link to send in a ticket: https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/?product=the-sims-mobile 


If you have lost pack content or haven't received a pack, have valid proof of purchase available for advisors. Purchases on mobile aren't made on Origin aka EA's tool, they are made on either Google Play or iTunes so in order for support to confirm that there was a payment made they will need valid proof of purchase. Once they verified the purchase they can check if the content is on the account,. If it's not the advisors will take it from there.


Follow the following steps:


      • Tap the arrow pull-out tab on the right side of the game screen.

Tapping the arrow to open the help menu on the right side of the screen in The Sims Mobile.



      • Tap the Settings cog tab.
      • Tap Help & About.
      • Tap Help to visit EA Help.


The Help & About button in The Sims Mobile Settings menu.




The EA Help site will open on your device's web browser.

      1. Choose your device.
      2. Select topic. Missing content.
      3. Select issue Had content and lost it.
      4. Provide your player-ID
      5. Select contact option. If possible, select Email
      6. Fill in the form. Provide all information that could help solve your case.
      7. Attach screenshots that can help the advisor understand your problem.
      8. Tap on the button 'Email us'.

If the EA Help site does not open, try clearing cookies on your browser. This might help open the EA website on your device. Here you can read how to clear cookies on iPhone or iPad or how to clear cookies on Android.


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Re: Lost game

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Already did it. Just wanted to know if anyone else has gone through same kind of clitch. 

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Re: Lost game

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Did EA ever help you?  I had the same thing happen several days ago and I am doing the kabuki dance now with their customer service.  Yay!  Just curious if it is worth it.

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Re: Lost game

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@Ternipu Hello. Currently I am facing the same situation. I'm curious, did EA get back to you regarding this issue?
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Re: Lost game

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It did help me, after tons of messages and ss's and remembering. Never got the whole game back and still missing some purchases even after all the proof. 

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Re: Lost game

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oh dear.. but the new game did at least save your career/relationship/hobbies progress? mine did, and i'm thinking of just resuming the game from level 1 again but i have invested so much on my previous sim house it hurts to start all over again lol

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Re: Lost game

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I have done over 14 cases now. N I still have gotten any results. This is the now current player ID number 1005372930923. It is at level 6 rite now. Cus it started over again. 1003041442759 is my player id number before the glitch. It was at level 53. I've spunt 149.06 on in game items from Dec 2021 till Feb 2022. Everyday since February 10th, I've sent emails, Created cases, and contacted Google play. I've have received reply to the case but no one responds to the emails I send back. I have been getting the run around about restoring my game process or receiving my refund for the past 3 months of purchases in this Sims mobile game.I have followed each and every step provided thru emails from all the different agents there. Still no services rendered. I have asked countless times for the agents to call me. I have provided my phone number. 

Case number I have made trying to reach EA.HELP
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