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Lost contents and progress, no reply from EA. What else can i do?

by BlueEyedBaby2

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Lost contents and progress, no reply from EA. What else can i do?

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I have ongoing problems with the Sims Mobile game too. It crashed on 14th April, I lost the contents of two houses, all the rooms abd furnishings (few items on the grass, no rooms left Frown  that sort of weird thing), lost access to buildings in town, lost my careers, all of it.


I did all recommended steps, soft reset, clear the cache etc etc as recommended on Problem Solving part of the EA support site, no joy.


 My game was linked to EA so I thought I had the back up allright. So I deleted and reinstalled the game, the new game picked up some of the progress from the previous version before the game crash, but it's very little progress and still most of the contents missing. As I already deleted and reinstalled the game, I don't think I can delete and reinstall again. It won't be able to pick up from the time when game was okay, it will probably pick up ftom the current state, which is still a corrupt state. So I am stuck. 


I contacted EA Customer Experience, corresponded with two different people, both promised to help, the last person I corresponded with,  said he would put it to its previous version before the game crash. I said yes please. But 17 days later I am still waiting.


They don't reply, they don't even open my case on the "EA Help - My Cases" page. My case is stuck at "IN PROGRESS" stage but no one is opening it or working on it or replying to me.


I was at level 52, so I don't want to lose all these contents . I am pretty fed up. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET EA TO REPLY AND RESOLVE???? CASE NUMBER 58826871


Thank you for reading so far.

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Re: Lost contents and progress, no reply from EA. What else can i do?

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Hi @BlueEyedBaby2


I know that waiting to hear back in a situation like this can definitely be pretty stressful. I wanted to first say thanks for being so patient during all this. 


I took a look at the case you created, and I can see that it is still open. The case hasn't been closed and is still being worked on. Unfortunately the EA Help team has been pretty busy these past couple months considering the current global situation, so some investigations are taking longer than they would normally. 


In the meantime, I can only request that you continue being patient with the EA Help team while they continue to investigate this. They will follow up with you via email as soon as they can. I'd also recommend that you don't update that case any further until you hear back from them. I wouldn't want your case to get moved around or anything due to updates, so to make sure it stays where it needs to be I'd recommend just letting it lie for the time being. 


The EA Help team will get back to you as soon as they can, so keep an eye out for a reply from them to your email. Thanks again for your patience on this. Hopefully it won't be much longer before this is sorted out. 




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