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Lost access to an account

by swgoh2015

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Lost access to an account

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I play the game with multiple accounts on iOS and I recently lost access to one of them after an in-game crash.  Now when I try to use that one specific game centre account, the game throws an error code 3.0 right after the “loading cantina” status text.  The error code suggests it is a connection error but it isn’t.  All my other accounts work fine using the same device at the same time.  I have also tried the account on multiple devices with the same error result.  My technical background suggests to me that there is data corruption in the backend that the client is now having a problem with during startup.


I contacted support as the prompt itself suggests and it was the most futile, unhelpful “support” I have ever received.  It is clear they do not read the problem description nor do they have any autonomy or technical ability to investigate an issue.  It is evident that all that is done by support is cut and paste from a troubleshooting 101 guide after searching for one keyword from the ticket.


The lack of support and the apparent loss of my account has left me very frustrated and I’m hoping somebody here may have some insight into the issue.

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Re: Lost access to an account

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I am still hoping for some support or suggestions actually worth trying that can help restore my account.  3 weeks and no further support from CG is not very promising or inspiring any confidence in their support team.


Please help, anybody.


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Re: Lost access to an account

Hi, @swgoh2015


I have two questions:

Have you linked your account to ios game center (equivalent for google play on android devices)?

Do you know your unique game ID for SWGoH?


If the answer is yes to both, I think you should be able to get your account back. Please let me know if this is the case.


I don't work for EA. If a post solved your problem, please accept it as a solution and grant XP.

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Re: Lost access to an account

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Hi DarkBanishing,


Thanks for the comment.  Yes the game account is linked to an iOS Game Centre account.  Unfortunately I never recorded the player ID but I provided support with the account ally code.


The issue requires some actual technical investigation by CG/EA as I am convinced there is a data corruption issue.  Sadly all that was provided was superficial troubleshooting steps.


I have no doubt the account can be restored, it will just take some effort from a support team.


Thanks again for the comment.



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Re: Lost access to an account

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Just an update for anyone who may encounter a similar issue.  


I regained access to my account only after the guild I was in kicked me out.  So it seems the data corruption in my case lay with the account/guild relationship.  It’s very disappointing that tech support was unable to identify the problem and was of no help with the issue.

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