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Lost TB rewards

by zeratyl_s

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Lost TB rewards

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Recently a light territory battle has passed (ended 10/19/2020). Our guild was passing Geonosis. During the TB, we exchanged 3 players with another guild since the players there attacked Hot. After the end of the TB – pay attention to the word "AFTER" – 2 out of the 3 temporarily accepted players didn't receive their awards. It happened because our officer removed them from the guild to take back our own mates, so that the latter had time to raid. No one expected that when those deleted ones entered the game, they would not see the rewards for participating in the TB. If the deletion had occurred during the TB, even 1 min before the end, then everything would have been logical and I would not have raised this topic.


I am writing on behalf of the victims as a member of the guild that is partly responsible for this. I repeat: the important point is that no one could even have predicted the situation. Rewards that players were to receive: a box for 14* on LGeo and 6 shards of Ki-Adi Mundi.


It will not happen again on our part, but at the moment I am asking you to compensate the players for their losses. People are upset and angry at our officers, and the officers themselves are shocked.


The IDs of the victims:
387-617-997 (Astral)
429-752-819 (Союзник)
Me (if needed):
576-766-359 (Gorgon IV)


Hope to resolve the issue.


PS Oh yes, I tried writing to tech support, where Dumitru C. said that he didn't have the technical ability to add awards, so he sent me to a Russian-language forum. "Thanks for the information, but we can't do anything, gl hf." is what I was told there. My question about whether this is a bug remained unanswered. I am not satisfied with this response, so I hope that the specialists of the English-language forum are more competent. The screenshots are attached.

PPS My post in the Russian-language forum (if needed):

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Re: Lost TB rewards

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I believe this always the case, but perhaps @EA_Lanna can confirm. Normally, if a player is removed from a guild before they can log in to claim those rewards, they are lost. This has always been the case. It's best to check players have had chance to claim their rewards before removing them from the guild.


Any requests for compensation must be made to Customer Support (it is not something that is handled here). The affected players can do this using the Settings > Help option in-game to submit a ticket. 

I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG, and happy to help in any way that I can.
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