Lost SWGOH Account

by joeybeck94

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Lost SWGOH Account

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OK so a very long story but here it goes. So a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away haha) I upgraded my phone and leant my old phone to my sister, who like a *, lost my old phone with my account logged in . I didn't get a chance to log into my swgoh on my old phone and transfer my progress over using the in app feature to my new phone. I logged into my Google play on my new phone and loaded the game but for some reason it's loaded an account that I made years and years ago that's now irrelevant to me and isn't the right account. This Google play account uses the same email I get receipts for in game purchases so I'm almost certain it's the correct login details otherwise why would it email me receipts when I buy things on swgoh? I have tried every conceivable other Google play login I have but non are loading my account up. I have played the game on IOS also so I bought a cheap iPhone and tried logging in using game centre. I log in to game centre using the same email I get sent receipts to for swgoh purchases on IOS but on IOS it just loads a brand new game up no matter what game centre account I sign in to. Even if its the same email address as what I use on my Google play it still loads a new game on IOS. Its a linked account not a guest so EA cant just transfer my progress apparently. I have spent 4 years+ getting this account to where its at and have spent ALOT of money aswell. I have contacted EA help who have told me there is nothing they can do and tried going directly to Google and IOS who were equally as unhelpful as they don't have access to swgoh or any of its users. They only have access to actual Google play or game centre accounts. What do I do at this point because I refuse to believe that all of my hard work, commitment and money is just gone. There must be someone out there that has experienced this and managed to fix it surely?!?!? Please someone help, I genuinely can't go without this game any longer its driving me crazy!!! Sorry again for the book I just wrote.

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