Lost SW:GoH account.

by wnnnnva8z4li

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Lost SW:GoH account.

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I have lost my Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes account due to my device being reset. I was wondering if there was any way at all for me to recover the account because I have access to the Ally Code and Player ID. I have reached out to the EA Support with no success, just stuck there saying "Please wait until we connect you to an advisor" telling me the approximate wait time is 22 minutes and I have waited a bit more than 4 hours and still not connected. I have tried the in-game help and I have my ticket, also still waiting for a response, as well as asking on the official game forums and it seems no one there can help me. I have read that it is possible for me to recover my account through EA Support, however they are not responding. Is there anyone here that can help?


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Re: Lost SW:GoH account.

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@wnnnnva8z4li To confirm did you connect the game to an iOS game center or Androids google play before the reset?

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