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Loading screen freezes every single time


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Loading screen freezes every single time

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Unfortunately my game seems to be broken. I can't load any single mission anymore (no free roam, main missions, side missions), the loading screen freezes every single time so I'm forced to ALT+F4 the game.

The problem occurs after the Incursion mission and can be reproduced by creating a new operator and playing past this mission. The game runs perfecty fine beforehand.

I moved the game to another SSD and cleared the Origin cache, nothing helped. I don't have further issues with other games.  

My VGA drivers are up to date.

System specs: 2080ti, 16 Gb RAM, 7700K

Anyone an idea?

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Re: Loading screen freezes every single time



Thanks for the information you've provided.


Have you also tried turning off the Origin in-game Overlay in the Origin Launcher, and any other Overlays you might be using such as Discord? Sometimes this causes some conflicts.


Also, you can try these steps:


Let us know if you still need assistance.


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Re: Loading screen freezes every single time

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Hvae the same problem since launch,have tried if it was fixed just right now and its still the same!

All i got from EA is this stupid troubleshooting guide from which i tried every single step and then numerious fixes and tries i found in internet or thought out myself but nothing happens.

I will never buy a Bioware/EA game again because i fell frauded with an unfinished and broken game and my own personality never forgets an evil deed done to me.


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