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Anthem download problem

by 1ts_amazing

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Re: Download stuck at 42%

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Thank you so much!
Nothing else worked for me but your method solved it.
Anthem download is progressing again Standard smile
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Re: Download stuck at 42%

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Anthem download problem

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So the other day I was downloading an anthem update and it would not get past 99%. I tried everything I could think of. I eventually uninstalled the game and re - downloaded it, the download stopped at 41% just under playable percentage. I tried uninstalling it again and now I have the same problem. It is stuck at 22.18 GB and it does not show any download rate and the pause download button does not work.

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Re: Download stuck at 42%

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i just installed the drirectX which it is downloading and woala the download continues past 42% lovely

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