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Loaded in as my squadmate

by UndercoverToastr

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Loaded in as my squadmate

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Alright, I’m gonna do my best to explain what happened. My friend and I were in our dorms queueing together, and when I was pulled into a match he stayed in the lobby. I then found out that I loaded in as his account. I had his level and stats, but my characters unlocked. It seemed like all the skins were default. While it did crash rather quickly, it was after letting me actually play as him for a few minutes. When I got back to the main menu, I had 1000 free credits (the gold ones?) which was nice, but I’m worried I’ll end up being charged for it somehow. Also, an error message saying “Bad challenge.” popped up after it crashed. I have a video, but it says the file type isn’t supported.

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Re: Loaded in as my squadmate

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I have never seen the issue where you got to play as someone else @UndercoverToastr. If you have a video of it I would love to see it.

For the error message, you will see these when multiple people are attempting to play on the same network. Best thing you can do is try the steps in this thread to see if it sorts it:



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