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Re: Linux Users Getting Banned, second time.

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Hello, I'm still banned and I got another reply from support saying my ban is maintained.

I'm going to try to contact them one last time, and then I'll just uninstall and move on, it's not worth the stress.


I don't use Latencyflex, by the way.

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Re: Linux players getting banned

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I got banned over 2 weeks ago now, support is useless. Using arch/kde-plasma-wayland/steam with an AMD gpu, no launch arguments, tools, overlays, etc.

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Re: Linux players getting banned

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Any news? I still have not got an unban letter. I was unbanned without letter. In my ban history the ban is still active and I cannot registerate myself on any apex tournaments. I wrote to ea support but they didn't check my case about my ban satus and auto declined the case. They forgot about me again XD

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Re: Linux players getting banned

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Hi, just updating that I'm one of the fortunate ones to have finally gotten the un-ban letter and am now able to play normally again. Still very baffled that such stupid issue reached this scale, but it is what it is I guess.


Major thanks to @R4csu and @UngerGames who have originally arranged this thread, the Reddit post, and the Google Docs to document the issues and bringing it up to Respawn & EA. Without both of you, many people would still be un-fairly be banned right now.


It's very unfortunate and sad that your account is still not yet un-banned @R4csu, my condolences. I pray that EA/Respawn would give your account a chance somehow. It's just disgusting and un-fair that they didn't even properly review your account even though you're the one who properly documented this whole issue.


Sadly this whole entire debacle has left a very bitter taste in my mouth, and I will likely slowly drop this game, and play others instead. Already moved the game away from Linux back to Windows 10 (euugghh), which means it'll likely not see much activity from me in future, cuz I'm still using Linux as my primary OS.


Thx and wishing better fortune & luck for those who're still banned.

- stryderpilot

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Re: Linux players getting banned

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Hi, I've been waiting for my ban to be lifted for more than 2 months now.
I feel helpless and I want my account back, please.

OS:                       Manjaro Linux x86_64
Version:                6.1.30-1-MANJARO

Launch Options:   PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 DXVK_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 %command% -dev -high -novid +fps_max 0 +cl_showpos 1 -preload

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Re: Linux players getting banned

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Again, if you still banned you were probably cheating or your ban was not linux related at all, so it can be a false positive for other stuff.


Putting a comment here is not going to help u and there is no one listen to the ones of us that still banned anymore, so please don't waste your time.

The best that you can do is try to contact ea support and see if there is any chance of your account getting unbanned.


If that doesn't work, you can forget about your account.

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Re: Linux players getting banned

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Assumingly they may not be able to handle it as usual because it happened on Linux. Even if no one cares about my launch options, at least I tried. I just wanted to do something different than begging support for help every week.

You stood up for people here, so stay brave.

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Re: Linux players getting banned

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I think most of us got unbanned as EA addressed the issue 2 weeks later. I appreciate that I can play the game again, it is a good game.

However, they made me so sad, upset and nervous for those 2 weeks by sending the email that I was cheating and perma banned.

I thought I lost all the money I spent in this game.

Now their new collection even is up, I love the items in the collection event, but I have 0 confidence in putting money in this account.

Because this false ban may happen again, and I may have to forget about every penny I spent in this game.

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