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Re: Level Reset?

by EA_Lanna

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Level Reset?

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I play swgoh, if not everyday, then every other day. I'm level 85, w a zeta'd seperatist squad and a phoenix squad and padme squad on their way there. So, idk what happened in between last night and right now, but when I log on, all that stuff is gone. It shot me back to level 61 w some of the the same stuff I had but it still seems different. I'm very confused and frustrated. Can anyone help me out? 

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Re: Level Reset?

Community Manager

Hi @LatentJedi01


I'm catching up on this board and wanted to check in with you. Were you able to connect with our support team for help with this since? If not, please follow the steps in this thread to touch base with them asap: How to contact support. It would be good to jot down the Player ID also should the advisor ask for it. 


- EA_Lanna


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