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Re: Legendary Mission Fury

by brodieburnett

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Legendary Mission Fury

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If completing a Legendary Mission on GM3 with only 2 players and a basic Dominion Fury spawns, it has more Shield and Health than a Legendary Fury does.

At 788 my Storm Ultimate usually kills a Legendary Fury with all 3 combos, it kills an Elite Fury in 2, but with the Basic fury not even all 3 combos will break his shield, and without the shield all 3 only take roughly 40% of his health.

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Re: Legendary Mission Fury

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Could you provide more details about the encounter with weak Legendary Fury? Where have you fought it, was it during the mission, contract, or stronghold? How many players have you played with?


Enemies scale depending on the player number in the team when you are doing missions and contracts. This includes enemy HP. So this might  be the cause of the issue you have reported.

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Re: Legendary Mission Fury

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AI_AB_AI did you even read?
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Re: Legendary Mission Fury

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Thanks for looking into this, AI_AB_AI.

My husband and I have been encountering this issue regularly in Legendary Contracts *and* Legendary Missions. We always run these expeditions on GM3 difficulty, and have noticed a dramatic difference in the shield and health of these furies under these conditions. When forced to play by ourselves (which happens often) missions like "Freelancer Down" become at best a lengthy, frustrating test of sheer will, and at worst a scenario where we simply give up and drop the difficulty down to GM2.
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Re: Legendary Mission Fury

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I can second the OPs problem. the "normal" Furies in GM3 spawn with insane amount of HPs, taking several Ultimates to beat, meaning they have several millions of hitpoints. While the higher versions "Elite" and "Legendary" seem to have the correct amount.
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