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Re: Legacy unlock not working.

by ExiledRival

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Legacy unlock not working.

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I just purchased the Miraluka Legacy (Which, as it said, was a species unlock) And didn't get the ability to make a character with that Species, not even a consular or guardian. I'm not a subscriber, do I have to pay 15$ in order to use it? If so, how do I get a refund?

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Re: Legacy unlock not working.

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Did you use the item or just buy it?

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Re: Legacy unlock not working.

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Hey there! It should work regardless of account status. That being said, I'll elaborate:

If you have purchased the unlock via the legacy panel in-game (default keybind: Y), it will have costed you 1.5mil credits and requires you to have a level 50 of a character with that species, or requires you to spend 600 cartel coins. People who have never subscribed or spent $5 or more on cartel coins/digital upgrade packs are going to be free-to-play status, which has a limit of 1mil credits available to them at one time (which is the same cap for preferred as of recent.) With that said, I'm going to assume you bought this off of the Cartel Market. After you have purchased this item and consumed the unlock--applying it to your legacy, you should have access to make any character this species (existing characters will have to be changed via the appearance designer terminal for a cartel coin fee). You may have to relog for it to show up as available, however; so I suggest exiting out of the game and logging back in.


Note: This is a legacy unlock, meaning it makes it available to all characters in your legacy and the server in which you have that legacy--not for your entire account. You will have to buy this item again on another server unless you do a character transfer.

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