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Last update broke the game

by SubFreeze78

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Last update broke the game

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Stuck sitting in lobby after lobby waiting for players to join..Game is broken.Ranked up in game game ended no new rank no updated stats🤦‍♂️

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Re: Last update broke the game

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Dear God, same issue here. Was in a game, saying waiting for players 28/32 and 24/32. We could play but no kills or deaths registering. What a joke, this POS has been out for a year and we are still dealing with this bushleague stuff.  Wonder if they're hiring, I can't code, but neither can anyone else in the company. I'm not a complete waste at least. 

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Re: Last update broke the game

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Hi all, 


Noticed as well game matching is not working properly and takes longer then usual

About the unlocking and perhaps you are already aware.. there is a workaround:

 Go play practice mode
- Choose Practice vs other players
- Keep playing until rank level up (weapon rank or class rank)
- 1 rank needed, after this weapons unlocked.


About the latest updates lots of discussions and opinions are going on. If interested you might want to see latest Reddit post (but also on youtube lots of footage about new changes, opinions etc): 


Some changes announced and a hotfix.. from there we will see further I guess. 




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