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Lag spikes every game??

by PapaProne

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I am having the very same issue, I get this red icon on the top right of my screen
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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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@hfrftw wrote:

If you have a killer Ethernet card please try to follow those instructions  :

1- Donwload uninstaller from killer : [...] taller.exe

2 - In the killer software make a "Scan for installed Killer software" Then"Remove Killer Software" then "Disable killer from Windows update"

3 - Reboot the computer then install the last driver from the INF package directly from the Device Manager [...] -downloads . So with the new install you only have drivers installed and not this **** software.

We have another similar post regarding this here:

If you're experiencing some connectivity issues we recommend running through the basic steps below and open ports listed for Apex Legends if you have access to logging into your router's admin panel. I've also seen latency and FPS improve from those that updated the firmware on their router (log into the router admin panel)


Basic Connection Troubleshooting


Port Forwarding



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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Having this issue and i do not have a killer network card.

i5-9600k, RTX2070, Aorus Z390-I, 16Gb ram

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I have the same problem too. It lag in middle of the combat. I don't have any internet issues. I STOPPED PLAYING THE GAME BECAUSE OF THESE PROBLEMS!! fix this Respawn Entertainment. Fix the lags before adding new stuff so we can play huh???? 

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Same happened here. Game freezes for 5-10 seconds like every game atleast once. Today it froze me 2 times in 2 different games on One versus One final battle. Lost 2 wins there, and I'm pissed now. They must fix this bug or I'm deleting the game. 




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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I can't even kill anyone I'm at 60 fps but at the launch it's like it freezes and studders and it's so bad it looks like you can't even get a hit on them and my graphics card is perfectly fine just it's only this game I have a problem with so I hope they fix the east coast servers I spend 0ver 200 hours on apex from the beginning
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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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same happens to me ,did u fix it?
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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Good evening, after your update, I have 1 game, 2 game packet loss 70%, 3 game is normal, 4 game packet loss again and so already 3 days, the provider called everything ok, changed the server, just did not try, looked at a bunch of videos I tried everything in YouTube with packet loss problems, entered 101010 different commands in the command line, and everything is also normal 1 game, 2 game lags systematically - apparently throws on bad servers !! BUT IT HASN'T happened when, I played leagues and screams on servers pinging 200-300 when there was no packet loss, the last few days it's unbearable Can you solve this problem, it's funny that 1 game is played as a person, 2 game lags, and so on

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I EVEN tried to play with VPN everything is exactly 1 game Good 2 bad, 3 good 4 bad, AND SO CONSTANTLY WITHOUT GAS

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