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Lag spikes every game??

by PapaProne

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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well for me too the game completely lags out. I checked if it is GPU or CPU but both of them are nearly not on full capacity. My RAM shouldn't be the problem either. I am not so sure if it is because of Wallpaper Engine because after I turn it off it works fine but it could also be that the time fixed it. Most of the time the lags are happening in loot areas like huge building so there could be a problem.



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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Ah I didn't even know about rebuilding the database. I just tried that as well and it didn't work for me either.

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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@Teedawg74 wrote:

Hey Guys,


I was having the same issues and this seemed to have worked for me (knock wood!) I would lag out 5-10sec. 2-3 times a game.


I followed these steps on this video :


and I also read that there is a lag issue with Killer Networks Ethernet Cards which is in my Alienware Area 51.  I picked up the TP-Link TG-3468 Gigabit PCI express card (cheap).  I haven't had an issue since then.  Playing peak times on EST.


Hope this helps!


wow works like a charm 
Standard smile thank you
finally I can play the game


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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I have the same issue. It started maybe a day in and it happens so often now it's unplayable. What's weird is even like character selection is affected with the animations having lag spikes, which you wouldn't expect with network lag. Also affects my Discord connection, which is also surprising.

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Same issue. My connection is fine but for some reason Apex decides to screw me at random intervalls. Usually it is one right after dropping and then im at EAs mercy throughout the game. 5-10 seconds freezes, with the ping spiking up towards 5000 and even TS/Discord lagging out. I WANT to like this game but it is unplayable in its current state .

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I think i have partially solved on ps4 pro.
-I tried to plug in to a 1080p monitor instead of my 4k tv. The problem persist.
-i have seen that in my router i have an "EA TUNNEL" under my upnp setting trying to open.
-so, i manually opened all these doors:
UPD: 3659, 17503, 17504, 10000-20000
TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 10000-20000, 17503, 17504, 42120, 42210, 42230, 44125, 44225, 44325
UDP: 1024-1124, 18000, 29900, 37000-40000
TCP: 80, 443, 9960-9969, 1024-1124, 3216, 18000, 18120, 18060, 27900, 28910, 29900
on pc you can find your here:
-i restart everything and on my 1080p monitor the game now is fine
-i tried to plug my ps4 pro on my 4k tv and don't know why but the problem persist. the image still freeze every 10-20 seconds even in main menù.
-i re-plug my ps4 pro on my 1080p monitor and the game is fine again (supersampling on and off). So i play on my monitor instead of my 4k tv for now and it is fine, waiting for a fix.

I think that there is something wrong with that "EA TUNNEL" on the router.

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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There does seem to be an issue specific to Killer network cards -- I saw this fix in another thread and it works. Open the Killer Control Center (just type Windows Key + Killer) and turn off this under Settings: 'Advanced Stream Detect'. Then restart your PC.


After doing this I have zero lag spikes and no longer have to use a VPN as a workaround (why a VPN worked I have no idea).

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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This worked for me as well - theres definitely an issue for anyone using a gigabyte motherboard with 'Killer' ethernet adapter.

Switching off the stream detect solved it immediately.

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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So I tried a few other things, because I do not have a Killer ethernet adapter.
I found a troubleshooting doc on the official Apex Discord server:
I did everyhing that was under the "Problems with Origin" and "Game Randomly Crashing / Engine Errors (except playing with CPU/RAM speeds)" sections. I also deactivated every audio device except the one I hear through. And after I did all that I was able to play for 5 hours straight without a single freeze. Good luck. Wondering

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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So i had the same problem. I checked my ping to various servers and it showed lag spikes in specific intervals. Then after 2 hours of searching i found out that my Autodesk Desktop App was causing lag spikes (on Win 10). So now i have about 80 ms to apex servers (you can check it in data center menu) before i had about 130 ms (and a lot more at spikes). Mayby it gonna help. 

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