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Lag spikes every game??

by PapaProne

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I'm having the same issue too. It's not EVERY game, but when it starts happening, it happens every game in a row for some reason. I played on launch day, zero lag spikes. Played the day after, had a few lag spikes in primetime (7-9pm eastern), wasnt sure if it was my net, but they stopped so there was no issue.

Last night, had 1-3 5+ second lag spikes EVERY game. I was running a network monitor, no increase in latency, no drop in packets to any of the external sources I can track, completely stable net.

I updated my firmware on my router (though I didn't think that'd help I figured I'd eliminate it), hard power cycled all my equipment, and after about 10pm last night had no more lag spikes.

Come back to play today, starts happening basically every 5-7 minutes and has cost me multiple games. I did have a single game tonight where there was no lag spike, but in every other game I had the issue as described, including it lagging out discord. I even messed with discord to see if there was an issue with it connecting to certain server locations for Discord and it didn't seem to help.


This problem is incredibly frustrating, and I don't have it with any other game. Given that this is a great game and I'd love to play it, I hope this gets a fix. I would assume it has to be a routing issue somewhere (or something of the like), given that many of us are having the exact same problem that suggests it's not just a close-to-home end user issue. 


Geographically, I'm in the mid-Atlantic region of the Eastern US (near DC). I assume it's a problem closer to the Apex end, but maybe if we're all clustered in that area it could be a regional thing.

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Any update on a fix??

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Yep same issue here, playing from Queensland Australia. Computer, FPS and internet are all great, no idea what could be causing it. I have tried so much trouble shooting, to no avail, really hope this is fixed soon so that my friends and I can enjoy this amazing game.

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Anyone have any info on this? Potential fix or “we’re working on it.”?

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Just wanted to add to this post so that it gets some attention because I'm getting the same exact issue. Power cycled everything, checked driver updates, compared ping issue with other games etc. Seems like it's coming purely from Apex's side and I have multiple friends playing on the same servers that are having the same exact problem. I can also confirm that the first day of launch it only happened to me once or twice the whole day of playing but now it seems to happen every single game at random times--not correlated with anything I do or interact with. Hope this gets resolved next patch. 

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Agreed, hoping for more traction! EA needs to respond, my buddy got dced three times during top 2 situations yesterday.
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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I'd also like to see at least some response acknowledging the problem or something. They've had people responding to other threads so its not like the whole subforum is being ignored.


I don't know if that means they're looking into it, or they've just written off every connection based thread as "oh it's their internet" without considering this particular case is demonstrably not just people with potato internet having normal lag due to a bad connection.

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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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Hey Guys,


I was having the same issues and this seemed to have worked for me (knock wood!) I would lag out 5-10sec. 2-3 times a game.


I followed these steps on this video :


and I also read that there is a lag issue with Killer Networks Ethernet Cards which is in my Alienware Area 51.  I picked up the TP-Link TG-3468 Gigabit PCI express card (cheap).  I haven't had an issue since then.  Playing peak times on EST.


Hope this helps!


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Re: Lag spikes every game??

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I just uninstalled Killer Control Center, I will try the game tomorrow (as it's extremely late) and see if that fixed it! Thanks for the tip! (Though I am on wifi so I'm not sure if it will even make a difference).

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Network issues related to Apex in game - 10/20 secs disconnection

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Hello All,


I'm having a recurring issue regarding Apex. It makes my whole computer connection go down.

It happens for 10 to 15 seconds, sporadically but at least once per hour, minimum. Then I'm back online.

Sometimes, i can't even talk to my mates on discord while i'm being DCed. It looks like it's affecting my entire system.

Thus, you may think it's not related to Apex. Thing is, when I'm playing another game - I tested it on Overwatch - it did not disconnect me once within a two hours session.


I port-forwarded Origin / Apex required port in case, but if you don't know the issue, do you know how to troubleshoot it on my own ?


Cheers !


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