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Re: Lag on Ps4 makes the game unplayable

by MikeOxFirm

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Apex legends

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I play PS4 and after the update 1.10 and 1.11 I have experienced EXTREME lag and server issues. I tried server hopping but nothing works. I tried other games but they work just fine.

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I can't even play a game without it laggung every 10 seconds. That's just with movement also; if I'm in a firefight I pray to God everytime that I'll get the kill. Before you give me a bunch of troubleshoot option like: reset your router, is your PS4 wired or wireless to internet?, have you tried restarting or soft booting your PS4?, have you uninstalled and reinstalled the game?, have you switched servers in game? THE ANSWER IS YES. Also to top it off when I posted a case this morning, somehow the case is already 'CLOSED' with no fix to my gameplay. Please tell me EA how a case is closed, which means it's been fixed, yet I still lag??? Poor customer support. 

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Re: Lag on Ps4 makes the game unplayable

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How can the EA response be an "Accepted Solution"  when I clearly stated that the problem was not fixed and when I posted my UO trace results it showed that I do not have a connection issue. I definitely did not hit that accepted solution on the post. I did not get a response after I posted the UO trace. I would just love an Apex Legends patch where they don't make some things better and much more worse. 

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