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Known issue: PS4 Lifeline

by EA_David

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Known issue: PS4 Lifeline

Community Manager

Hey all,


We are aware of the crashing reports on PS4 since downloading the update today. For some context, this patch was only meant to update the PS+ skin rewards in the Playstation Store, no changes were made to the game and this was pushed on Playstation 4 only.


We'll provide updates here as we investigate what's causing the issue.


UPDATE: The "Pick Me Up" Banner Frames for Lifeline is trying to call up a non-existent file. We've been able to confirm that the following can cause the game to crash:

  • If you've earned the Banner Card  and hover over it in the customization menus.

  • Viewing your Banner Card, squadmate's, or the champion's banner in the intro or on the in-world screens.

  • Inspecting someone who has the card equipped by right-clicking a friend in the lobby.


We apologize for the issue. We have a partial fix live now disabling the Banner. Crashes may still occur when unlocking the Banner or equipping it and we're continuing to work on fully resolving the issue. 

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Re: Known issue: PS4 Lifeline

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Thank you for quickly fixing this issue. I didn't think I would be able to play lifeline for up to a week, but you obviously saw this as a serious issue and fixed it. Thank you very much. Keep up the good work on this great game! Know that the gamers just want to see this game succeed as badly as you do. 

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Re: Known issue: PS4 Lifeline

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After the update i can't get in at all. The loading wheel is spinning but nothing happens. This is before i choose my Legend. My last game before the update was with Lifeline not sure if that has anything to do with it.
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Re: Known issue: PS4 Lifeline

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this is still happening im going on almost 4 or 5 days now i cant play every account on my ps isnt working but if i get on my bf ps they work we are in the same house same internet and same servers so why can he play and i cant i restared this this 12 times and still nothing help me out please
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Re: Known issue: PS4 Lifeline

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PC version Windows crashes almost every 2nd match which is highly annoying. Sometimes almost every match then sometimes only after 3 or 4 games...happened on loading and in game.

I've tried the repair option but that doesn't help.  Happens when playing with Wraith, LifeLine, Bangalore and Gibraltor



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