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Items go missing when decorating Sims mobile

by CharlieDaisy12

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Items go missing when decorating Sims mobile

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I’m having a lot of difficulty losing items and progress when I decorate. This last time I lost 3 days of game progress along with anything I had moved or changed the colour of during that time. Because I was creating Christmas rooms I lost 2 entire rooms worth of merchandise and came back to dark empty rooms as in the pictures. I also lost gardens purchased with sim cash, a tv I purchased on Black Friday and $135.00 worth of Sim Cash. Apple is refunding me the Sim Cash but EA will do nothing. I was told to post here and hope the programmers can work it out. That means I have no security when changing rooms around, leaving me with no confidence in playing the game because I’m just going to lose everything I’ve done. 

It seems the developers are pushing to market this game as a decorating game as well, but if you can’t safely decorate without losing it’s not really much good. It’s not entirely about the money, but about all the heart I put into creating these spaces only to have them evaporate time and again. And unless it happens to everybody, where I have to say, EA is very good and I never worry, I’m left with my hands in the air. We need insurance that what we buy stays bought. 

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Re: Items go missing when decorating Sims mobile

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I had a similar problem, although it wasn’t from actual money. I lost an entire, rather large, house worth of items that totaled over 600,000 Simoleons, 500 SimCash and about 30 LlamaZoom tickets to replace it all. They offered me 600 SimCash. I have been playing for years, I have spent money on the game, so it was a bit insulting. I have since made do, but the EA Help agent system consists of juggling you around to multiple agents, each seemingly with no knowledge of any previous conversations, and without the ability to actually help with the problem outside of the same troubleshooting techniques found here.

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