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It's not me , it's you ?

by maximas1986

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It's not me , it's you ?

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In short , am getting shot behind corners , last moment shot not being registered, getting shot behind doors , always one second behind and ,even my freaking controller input is lagging and now it's worse thank to the new TTK .


And this is way back before season 6 but again it's worse because of the TTK. 

I play with 50 Mbp download and 13 Mbp upload  internet speed fiber optic , wired connection , 11 Ms ping, no any other devices using internet as am home alone , all ports for apex are forwarded for apex  and no any sign on the top right except for packet loss which show only during drop then it's gone and it don't show again .

Can someone please please PLEASE Take a very serious look at this and tell me what to do .

If it's can not be fixed just tell me honestly and say to me take it or leave it or I want a solution there is no third option .

And by the way I started playing this game since first week and spent money on it ,am just saying so you remove the idea (it's a free game ) from you mind .

Again , fix or no fix I don't want anything in the middle please 


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Re: It's not me , it's you ?

@maximas1986 Getting shot around corners, through cover and through closed doors is what makes the game for me. I love dying.....and the input latency oh my.

My Internet situation is similar to yours other than my partners xbox is on the same connection and I get a ping of around 33-45 on average.

I can't see them fixing it because they don't wanna spend money on it. Heaven forbid they sort the game out rather than pushing out tired * recolours and £12+ skins.

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