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Re: Issues with stafighter enemy-idicators

by EA_Atic

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Issues with stafighter enemy-idicators

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Hello  there.

I've been enjoying Battlefront 2. I grew especially fond of starfighter combat and I've become pretty good at it. Today I noticed, that I had no enemy-indicators (red and orange arrows) on the ARC170, Y-Wing and TIE Bomber. On all other ships I do have enemy-indicators. In some cases, you can only use the Y-Wing or ARC170 without enemy-indicators dogfighting is really hard and if your enemy has a tri fighter your screwed and can only rely on your tale gunner. I hope someone can help me with this issue. Thank you and happy eastern.

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Re: Issues with stafighter enemy-idicators

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Happy holidays! 


You don't happen to have a video of this happening for you and is it Online or Arcade? @StillSalty 




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