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Issues with DX11 and DX12

by 5hadyBrady

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Issues with DX11 and DX12

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My system specs =  GTX1080 (latest game ready drivers), 7700K - stock clocks, 16gb DDR4, 2tb SSD.


I am having two separate issues with this game. Both of which are preventing me from playing the game. When I run the game in DX11, my GPU usage never goes above 50-60% , and my CPU usage is pegged at 100% usage. This causes stuttering and very inconsistent frame rates. It's awful. Even when I turn future frame rendering (ON), my GPU usage still stays at 50-60%, with 100% cpu usage. Although, I do get better frame rates. I don't need better frame rates though, that's not my problem. My problems are being caused by a maxed out CPU usage in DX11.


When I run the game in DX12, my GPU usage goes WAY UP, as it should!!! And my CPU usage goes way down, as it should!!!! Problem solved right? No. In DX12 this game runs horribly. It micro-stutters, hitches, and it doesn't feel smooth. Almost like there's a buffer in between the game and myself. If DX12 were the only option to play Battlefield V,  I simply would not play the game. That's how bad the game runs in DX12 for me, even though it appears to be running much more efficiently on my hardware. I had this same exact issue with Battlefield 1, as did thousands of other users. Barley anybody ran Battlefield 1 in DX12 because the game ran like crap in DX12. This has been documented by professional's in the tech industry.


For the record, I am running the latest version of windows, and I am aware of the memory issue with the frostbite engine and the windows 10 creators update from fall of 2017. I am forced to run a standby-memory dump in order to get the game to run smooth at all in any API.


I'm writing this because I want EA/DICE to know why I am no longer playing the game. My experience with DX12 is very stuttery and hitchy, and in DX11, my GPU usage is never going above 60%, and my CPU usage is pegged at 100%, even though my hardware specifications meet and exceed the recommended hardware requirements. I do not have this problem in any other game. My system runs all of my other games smoothly in DX11. Even Battlefield 1 runs smooth in DX11. Though, in DX12 battlefield 1 ran with the same stutters and hitching as it does in BF5. I am giving up on the franchise at this point.

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