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Issues with Account Progress and Updates

by Dangerous_Gypsy

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Issues with Account Progress and Updates

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Hey guys,


I just recently noticed that after the game finished, the corresponding XP is updated to my account, but I noticed that my number kills, damage etc is not updating. I also just noticed that my battlepass is not progressing. Also there's been a bug that I'm always in the 'Elite Queue' despite losing the game before the Top 5. I think the account progress bug started after the 'Elite Queue' bug, and it's been there for days now which can only mean that my progress hasn't been updating for the past few days :'( 


I don't normally go on the Elite Queue due to the fact that it's pretty much filled with hackers (Asian Server here) which is probably why I never noticed the bug until now. I've used a different account and it seems to work well. So I'm guessing that it isn't my PC that's the problem. Note though that I get XP progress, but that's about it. 


I just feel bad because I've recently spent so many hours grinding to finish the battlepass before the season ends. Hopefully I can get my progress back. 

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