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Invisible holograms

by Molwirr

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Invisible holograms

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Decided to ask here, because it feels more appropriate place rather than bug forum on official site, maybe it's not the game's fault (nobody else seems to have it)..


So, the issue i'm having is shown on screenshots, but basically any hologram overlapping skybox thing gets transparent.

Ignore the black sky on first screenshot, although it's also an issue, i don't visit Ziost that often to be bothered by it.

 Hologram issue
another example

It (transparency) doesn't depend on overall settings, i tried both high and low. (both shots are with Very Low shaders setting). Did a repair, downgraded drivers, nothing changes.

Issue started around patch 4.5-4.7.

Attached dxdiag report.

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Re: Invisible holograms

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This will be a driver issue i believe , have you posted elsewhere i recall seeing a thread like yours elsewhere recently

Have you tried adjusting AA setting too ?


Ok there is a possibility that the lenova 10102 C340 all in one is not win 10 ready, the nvidia driver you are using does not list the nvidia 615 as being supported. 

Driver support for 600 fermi series has also ended apart from security updates


The Nvidia 615 would be a version specifically done for manufacturers like lenova and only their drivers should be used.


lenova only offer win 7 and 8 drivers for the c340


Edit - any change with AA off and Bloom off or AA on and Bloom on ?


Edit2 - found this recent thread 


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Re: Invisible holograms

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Well, i installed lenovo recommended driver, but nothing changed.
Also nothing changes when i change AA and Bloom. (tested in all combinations).
But i noticed a thing while testing.
I can see them not transparent against the sky only when settings update (or should i say load).

It's like for a second, but something else loads in and it goes partially transparent again.

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