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Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

by Eberyn

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Re: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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Thanks to EA and all their servers!

I am from Ukraine, I mentioned my story few times here before. And nothing helped to me in the end and all became even worse


I've started to play on Ps4 from pre-order and have donated in game more than 1000 dollars till January. I had very bad and slow gameplay from the start and thought it's some conection problem on my side so I've tried to change ALL my components. Nothing helped and game were very unstable for me, I could play with good gameplay only few games a week in Rivals and situation was much worse in WL.

But still I've played Fifa till January and then game became totally unplayable for me on that console. Than I have changed my console to Xbox because I knew - much less players play Fifa on Xbox and servers could have less load than on PS4. And that helped me a bit and I have played almost 1,5 months here with almost normal gameplay, Of course I had bad one almost every day, but still I also have good gameplay almost in 40-50% of all games and that was almost a miracle for me. I even donated few hundreds here too. But than suddenly all changed on Xbox too and even Squad Battles became unplayable for me. 


So yeah, thank you EA and all managers and supporters. You guys think problems always on our sides, but there are decades of thousands of ppl like me (or even more) who wants to play and wants to donate but this game just torture us with such a bad and slow gameplay and we just can't play anymore. And EA company lose hundreds of thousands dollars and a lot of her reputation every year instead of spending those money to new servers in East Europe and West Asia and fix this situation. But NO, why bother EA senior managers or directors or whom else. EA made every month 1-2 patches which fix small bags and "thanks to all who left response". But not fixing main problem of this game.


It was a long journey for almost 7 months of Fifa 20 for me, I've spend all my nerves playing this game with bad gameplay and that is EA's fault. I am 33 yo, married, and I had decades of conflicts with my wife because of bad gameplay in this game. 

But that is enough for me and I am deleting Fifa 20 on both consoles and I am pretty sure I will never buy Fifa 21


p.s. to all managers: just continue to ignore me, because you KNOW for sure that problem is only on my side. But for you to know - I came through all official (and not official) troubleshoots mentioned on this forum and on Web

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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