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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

by WolfRamboHUN

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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It is just annoying, what is happening right now with the game. The lag and delay makes the game unplayable, and we don’t know what to do.

I measure 15-18 ms ping, with 20-30 Mbps upload and around 300 Mbps download speed with wireless connection, with wired it’s more better.

What else I have to do? What I can do?

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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Fut is unplayable, opponent dont need 11 players, he need only one.

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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I have the problem you all guys talk about, Laggy gamplay , Delay input from controller. EA can you find solution for that problem ???!!!

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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Compare the gameplay from ea access to this. * this company man, people put all this money into packs and they cant handle the load of players. Compare this game to cod and it is a joke. I do not want to play at 5 am to have good connection. The fact they havnt responded shows how little they give a *, this has been an issue for years * them.

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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I had the problem in the past (I've a very stable and fast internet connection for Years).

=> so also with FIFA 18 and FIFA19, but it's long time ago it was that bad.


Yesterday evening I had a game with massige delay (it's not really lag, its input delay). I wrote the guy afterwards if his game play was also sluggish and delayed. He mentioned that it was fine on his side, but he has experienced bad game play as well, so he knew what I am talking about.


My request to EA would be (as you can not resolve everything):

Make it fair! Ensure to reward the ones with a good, fast and reliable connection instead of punishing them.

Start to let the ones with a bad connection feel it.


To be honest, the last days it's so frustrating that I am not even sure if maybe momentum is back.

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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It seems that not all are affected in the same way. For example I think if you are located close to one of the data centers where the EA servers are (I think in Europe it's Amsterdam) they are happy. Somehow even EA says that the servers are not connected in rivals (it's peer2peer) thats not true. I've bought a Netduma and seen that a "EA server" is somehow interfering.


So now imagine two guys from:

Amsterdam or UK are playing (both with great connection): all will be fine.

Hamburg and Amsterdam are playing (both with great connection): all should be fine, maybe the Amsterdam guy could have an advantage

Guy from Rome is playing against someone from Munich (both with great connection): at least for one the connection will be *, worst case for both. Due to the distance from Rome and Munich, but as well due to the distance to the EA servers.


To be honest: once look how slow the FIFA menu is from time to time (no idea how you can code a game that it's depending on a connection to a server), but in this case you can see how overloaded the servers and the network is. Aiaiai EA... I really hope you are resolving this once...


I've once played over 4G. The gampleay was laggy, but I did not have input delay. I was easily able to win, it wasn't fun, but I won. So it seems my opponent suffered from my poor connection...



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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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Found this tip:
"Use the companion app in mobile or web
Create new squad
Delete the default or 1st one
It will work perfectly and you can change any player in squad normally "


=> this could actually help.

But, I've also heared that people with stronger (more expensive teams) are suffering more then others... but then we are back to momentum...
(But I've a second PS4 user, and sometimes playing a road to glory there. And yes, I've less problems. But maybe it's as it's easier to find an opponent close with same rating and comparable team).


On this thread, read the comment from Heinzchen1984 (#5)


And I assume gyus with speed up lag (I heard you are having this, if you have a bad connection) are kind of the problem out of EAs responsibility:



and there are many threats more... (some are the problem we are facing, some are in the same area):


ps. maybe now we will "see" a EA moderator, telling me that I should not link to other web pages... glad I am only linking within the community.

But really: you will not see an answer or update. Read the thread from Heinzchen... this is going on for Years and EA is somehow not able to update their net code (they did some improvement with 5 instead of 3 latency bars).

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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It´s a disaster. The delay input is everywhere. Why would I spend a coin to have Neymar if I can´t even turn with him? Selling all team and playing with an all gold one until the end of the game. Of course, forget to spend a single cent in a fifa point. 

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Dot.: Input Delay and Laggy Gameplay

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some fifa servers


MAIN (when you enter the game)






i cant play! game is unplayable, horroble delay and input lag !

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