Info request: Xbox VoIP Quality

by EA_David

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Info request: Xbox VoIP Quality

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Hi guys, we're looking for some feedback on our voice systems on Xbox. 

Please give any feedback on any bugs or quality issues you're currently encountering with VoIP on Xbox. 


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Re: Info request: Xbox VoIP Quality

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@EA_David Overall the game voice chat seems to work well and doesn’t seem to have the delay Xbox party chat has.....the big issue we run into is the game chat cuts out whenever changing screens, loading, etc so we just default back to Xbox party
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Re: Info request: Xbox VoIP Quality

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When the game first came out it worked, but since an update before Season 1, I haven't been able to hear any teammates. Only way I can hear teammates is if we start a party. BEYOND RIDICULOUS 

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Re: Info request: Xbox VoIP Quality

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Here is what I "hear"


1. Echo. Lots of Echo. Now this may be more of an XBOX/Player headset issue that Apex but should be looked into.

2. Sound volume: Some players are way too loud, some way to low.

3. Static and hum: Hear a lot of this. You tell people, "hey your mic is real noisy", they respond. "No it isn't". So, ????


Switch to XBOX Party chat

1. Most times the Echo stops

2. Volume/quality seems normal for all players.

3. Static/Hum is gone


Now my biggest complaint re: Voice chat. Background Noise. But I doubt you can fix that!


1 suggestion: Balance/volume adjustment for each ear. I am pretty deaf in my right ear. I can here but not good. It would be cool if I could turn up the right ear without increasing the left.

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