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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

by xcr762

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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

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Sorry to spam, but I keep remembering more. Wraith still feels like she has no hitbox, pathfinders do not take damage as often during a spray as other heros, and any speed boost character can be shot but nothing will happen to them. I once had a bangalore AD spam within 2 feet and despite the blood splatter, took no damage.

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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

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I will just leave this here: 


Recorded in 2019/02 - since then I have had tons of such encounters.

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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

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Hit reg is actually hilariously bad on all shotguns. I literally see the bullets impact the body and do no damage, I notice it with heavy guns too, such as the spitfire and hemlok, but not so much for the any other heavy guns. For light guns, however, I haven't noticed any instances of bad hit reg except for the scout, which can be a little wonky with the hit reg sometimes.


Here's a short a sweet video showing the bad hit reg on the eva 8:

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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

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Yes with shotguns I have to shoot 4 and hit all 4 to get damage for 1 hit. All characters all guns are giving me trouble. A full magazine from flatline only gives me 14 damage.

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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

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Hit reg is bad for me. Then again, I have 2% packet loss to every server according to the Data Center, which is probably the reason my hit reg is awful. 


This is the only game that I have packet loss while playing.

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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

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It almost seems like at certain times of day the hit reg is good and other times the hit reg is *. Maybe try rebooting your servers more frequently guys. Or get them all on the same specs. Seems to be half of them tbh. I can go 3 hours with horse crap games, then get on later and suddenly everything just works and I actually get hits.

Here are 2 instances of cheating/hit detection issues. I'll let you decide, but this is happening far too often to be acceptable.


Morons are going to say "you just missed brah." Please, if you are going to comment on my video or post at least use your brain.

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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

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agreed, ive noticed this as well. these servers and/or the people maintening them are complete trash tbh. there was reason ive never spent a dime on EA products in 20 years but i like apex and figured id give them a chance by buying both season 1 and 2 for myself and my sons account. guess its back to not giving them another dime again

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Re: Info request: Hit Registration

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First clip, pathfinder is way too hard to hit. Even a wraith would take more shots than this.

Clip 2, Shooting a downed pathfinder does no damage.

Clip 3, Enemy is seemingly not even looking at me and shooting me, and the animations are all


Tonight my team won about 6 or 7 games. I saw very little shenanigans. I shouldn't have to restrict my play time to sunday night to have a good time. The game is unplayable during the week. I don't know if there are more people on during those times or on sunday, or if the population is nothing but sweaty tryhards, but it seems like the same shots don't work during the week. The same risks don't pay off. I'm shot from a mile away at full auto more often during the week. I don't know what that is, but it needs addressing.
Having said that, all these clips are from tonight. I am still not free of this garbage even on sunday. Most games are way better and actually playable though.

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