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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

by Nyter25

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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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@GENERALZOOL Dont think that's the issue for me. Ill follow the suggestions and check back to you. There's just something so poorly optimizied, which is weird because my cpu and gpu are way above the minimum requirements.

Funny thing, yesterday it was working almost perfectly. Almost no freezes, decent fps, etc. On hd graphics, too. And today I launch the game, it crashes 4 times before I can start a skirmish and I get the same errors as i got day 1. Extremely frustrating.
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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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@GENERALZOOL Now I can't even launch the game. So in the past few days, this has been my experience:

Days 1-3: Issues launching the game. Works after uninstalling 4-5 times at random. max 5 fps in game. Long freezes that get longer over time, eventually crashing. Graphical glitches. Sound glitches.

Day 4: Uninstalled and reinstalled one more time. Works perfectly (?????), played GDI missions until mission 7.

Day 5: Same issues as day 1. Reinstalled. Cant launch the game now.

Reading several forums, tons and tons of people have similar issues. The game is a buggy, unoptimized mess and it looks like a quick cash grab from EA. I am severely disappointed.
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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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CPU: Intel i5-3210M (2.50GHz)

GPU: nvidia geforce GT630M

Ram: 8GB

HDD: installed on SSD

Playing at full screen more, with resolution 1280 x 768 (the lowest).


The stuttering and lag occured when i'm playing skimish with more than 2 computer players.

However, when played with legacy graphic, there is no issue.

It is worst when playing online with friends, to the extend where i cannot control my units at all. It happens with 2 or more players and when there is high level of activity happening. Also, online mode doesn't allow for switching to legacy graphic mode. 

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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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@Floboslocos Yes, I noticed this phenomenon as well too. Launch day was fine, but since then I've had nothing but lag and stuttering while playing on both of my PCs.
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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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CPU: Intel i7 4770K

GPU: AMD R9 290 & NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER (Tested on both, they don't show noticeable difference. Did not installed both card at the same time.)


Screen resolution: 1920x1080

Screen mode: Any screen mode shows same symptom, but usually playing with Borderless Windowed.

Installed drive: HDD

Confirmed game modes: Campaign, Skirmish. Did not played Multiplayer.


Stuttering observed while playing FMV, any gameplay with some load of units and buildings.

Also, especially the first game on each run, it always suffers heavy stuttering on that game.

It doesn't look like faction-specific. or C&C/RA specific.

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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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AMD Athlon2 64 640 4 core

AMD RX 570 8GB

16 GB DDR3



i cant load game at all from begining

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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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  • DXDiags (if available) 
  • CPU - AMD FX9370 4.4ghz 8 core
  • GPU - NVidia Geforce GTX 650 Ti
  • Ram - 8gb
  • Resolution you are playing at - 1920x1080. Tried lower but made no difference so switched back
  • Screen mode you are playing at Windowed, Full Screen Exclusive, Borderless Windowed (or a combination) Full screen
  • What kind of Harddrive do you have the game installed on (HD, SSD) SSD (no HDD in the computer at all)
  • When did the issue occur i.e. during MP, during campaign (specifics appreciated) becomes unplayable during most online multiplayer matches. offline skirmish against AI is a challenge. Campaign is usually fine

I've gone through every setting I can find and changed it to Performance over Quality. Made sure I have nothing else running on the PC. The PC was put together only a couple of months ago and I've had no issues with any other games. I get about 450fps in the main menu then about 30-60fps during a game but that drops to <10fps when there are lots of units on the map and I lose all ability to control anything in the game once a large battle starts even if it doesn't involve any of my units.


Some days it's just bearable enough for me to grit my teeth and try and adjust how I play to cope with these moment of having no control, but other days (like today) it's completely unplayable.

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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

[ Edited ]
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Any news from EA on this matter? It's been a few weeks now already and I assume a fix like this, shouldn't take THAT long?


I quickly ran a CPU profiler on the game (start mission 1, doing absolutely nothing) and noticed a couple of weird things right off the bat: there seem to be a lot of calls to printf, fprintf_s, swprintf_s and swscanf_s. I fail to see why calls to those functions should even be in a final, optimized build. As those functions are usually only used in development/debug code.


So I traced where these functions are used mostly and it turned out to be in some call to GetDenuvoTimeTicketRequest. That call takes up to 25% of CPU time! GetDenuvoTimeTicketRequest seems to be DRM related. Why would something DRM related take 25% of CPU time?




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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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I have downloaded the patch today. My frame rate somewhat improved, but the gameplay is not still smooth. I still get hiccups when units are engaging in heavy fire fights. Not only that, there is a unit production bug. When I run the game first time, I can produce multiple units at a time from barracks, factory, shipyard, and so and so. However, when I restart the game, the buildings can only build one unit at a time saying "unable to comply, building in progress." Also units are standing still even when I pressed "G" button on my keyboard.


Update: I have run Red Alert Soviet Mission 1. Game started stuttering when Yaks destroyed a bridge with explosive barrels. I had to restart the game to run somewhat smooth. But it started to get jittery again when I explored a new area.




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Re: Info Request - Game Stuttering

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AMD Ryzen 3 2500U

Radeon RX Vega 8

8gb Ram 2400mhz

1920 x 1080


skirmish or campaign stutters a little every 5 seconds

low settings even borderless

mouse curser even stutters every 5 seconds on main ui

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