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Re: Sims Mobile on Galaxy Tab A

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I'm sorry to hear this! I've heard more people about the Galaxy Tab A not being able to run the game.
From what I can tell the game needs a pretty strong mobile device.
Maybe you have a newer mobile phone where she could play the game on? Or would that be too small for her?

My potato device can run this game just fine
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Re: [Info] Compatibility on Android devices

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I have an S7 edge which is fairly new yet it's not compatible
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Re: [Info] Compatibility on Android devices

I have an S7 Edge, it works fine. So give the suggestions on the first page a try.


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do not work for EA


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Re: [Info] Compatibility on Android devices

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Some I've did everything from the original post and the game still isn't working from Like for the others I'd didn't even showed up in the Google store . When I finally found it via Google it said that my phone isn't compatible with version. So I've did everything from the original post and the game still isnt working from. Is just my phone (Motorola moto g3) too weak or am I missing something ? Thanks for your help in advance Wink

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Play Store - Your device isn't compatible with this version

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Who can't down load The Sims Mobile because Google Play says your (model of phone) is not compatible? I have an Moto G Play Android (Motorola) does that matter? I play The Sims Freeplay everyday and I don't have any problems with that game. Can someone tell me what is going on? Did EA release The Sims Mobile FOR ALL phones and devices or just certain ones?
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It says my device is not compatible to get the sims mobile on my device. Help!

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Hi There!

I have been anxiously waiting for sims mobile to come out, and whenever I saw it on the App Store I downloaded it immediately! But, it says it isn't compatible with my device (I have an iPad Air) and so I tried downloading it on my Samsung J3 Emerge and it didn't even show up in the play store, so I'm wondering if it just hasn't been fully released to those particular devices yet or if it's a glitch.. someone's please let me know! If it's a glitch I really want that to be fixed



Thankyou for your time,



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Not Compatible. Still.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, version is 5.1 and has plenty of space. I've read all the solutions to this problem and not a one has helped. Today I downloaded the most current version of the Google Play Store and still it shows the message of incompatibility. I don't know what the issue is but I really would like to play the game again. I DO NOT want to have to redownload the ENTIRE app over and over everytime there is an update. I'm starting to get a little irritated over it, so please.... someone who knows what they are talking about, help.
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Re: Play Store - Your device isn't compatible with this version

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Mine is doing the exact same thing, I have the galaxy J3 emerge and it doesn't even show up in the google play store so I clicked the link they put and it said incompatible so I tried doing some of the things on the list, still didn't work. So I tried downloading it on my IPad Air 1 and the same thing happened, it said it was incompatible but the IPad one could just be about space but idk 

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Sims Mobile Incompatible Device?

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Hi there!


So, I recently found out about the release of Sims Mobile and was so excited that I signed up for the Early Bird Download so I could play it over my break. I received the link and went to install it, but was given a message that said "Your device isn't compatible with this version." My Google Play app updated yesterday, so I don't think that should be the problem. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

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Re: Sims Mobile Incompatible Device?

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