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Re: Non-compatible with Samsung Galaxy A3

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Tak, mam. : / 

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Does not work with my phone

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Google play store reports the game is incompatible with my Samsung j3. Guess I'll have to play on Bluestacks instead.
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Game not compatible

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I have a Samsung galaxy express prime and when I go to download the game it says device not compatible with this version. I was very excited to get the game and now I can't. Is it possible to fix this problem?
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Sims Mobile on Galaxy Tab A

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First, EA notoriously lags behind in making its games accessible to the visually impaired and now the fiasco that is Sims Mobile. My blind, autistic daughter LOVES the Sims! She has played Sims Freeplay and Sims 3, both on her tablet and her special computer that is set up for visually impaired people. She watches Sims YouTubers religiously, and she has been anticipating the Sims Mobile release for AGES because finally, FINALLY, FINALLY it's a game she thinks she can keep pace with with her visual impairment.

After a disastrous Thanksgiving (thanks to some yahoo putting a fake release date on the internet), we signed up for the text message to alert us when the game finally released. So imagine her excitement this morning when we received said text message. And the subsequent disappointment (read: blow out) when "Your device is not compatible with this version" appears.

Despite meeting all technical specifications, it cannot be installed on her tablet. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support, and the best they can offer is that SOMEDAY, MAYBE the game developers MIGHT add her tablet to the list of compatible devices.

Do better, EA. You already know better, so do better.
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compatiability issue

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Sims mobile is not compatible with my Nextbook Ares 10 A Android Marshmallow tablet. The model number on my tablet is NX16A10132S
I included my android ID also in case you need it. 
Please help. I really want to try this game.
Thank you

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Re: Sims Mobile on Galaxy Tab A

I'm sorry to hear this! I've heard more people about the Galaxy Tab A not being able to run the game.

From what I can tell the game needs a pretty strong mobile device.

Maybe you have a newer mobile phone where she could play the game on? Or would that be too small for her?


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Re: compatiability issue

From what I can tell that tablet isn't strong enough to run the game. Frown

I'm keeping a list of devices that are compatible, maybe you have one of those:


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Re: Game not compatible

From what I can tell at this point in time your device isn't strong enough to run the game.


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Re: compatiability issue

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No. I only have nextbook tablets. My other one is an android lollipop. I guess I'll try that one

I don't understand. It plays sims freeplay just fine (unlike my android kitkat tablet)

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Re: compatiability issue

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No luck on the Lollipop one either

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