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Incredibly sloppy game performance on more than 1 device

by Driftwookee

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Incredibly sloppy game performance on more than 1 device

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I've been playing SWGOH pretty much since it first came out. Over the course of 2-3 years I probably experienced something like 5-10 game crashes, which is totally fine.
Since the last major update, though, I'm having anything between 1-3 crashes per DAY. On top of that, I've had several matches (mainly arena) where game speed was so terrible, it took over a MINUTE(!) before the first char (myself OR opponent team) could do their first move. This NEVER happened before.
Take a look at the attached screenshot: 1min 21s into the match, and even Han's attack buttons aren't there yet. Needless to say I lost the fight, as I could only make 3 moves in 5 minutes.
I opened a ticket about this slow game performace, including the same screenshot – yet it seems the support adviser didn't really understand "slow game performance", and instead replied this: "I realize that you are facing issues of game launching", then telling me I should update the app, update my OS, and charge my phone. Not really the sort of thing I want to hear after refreshing/spending crystals in order to reach my normal arena spot for payout.
My OS and the game, on TWO different devices (iPhone and iPad) are indeed up-to-date. Yet I'm experiencing these crashes and ultra-slow performances on both devices. I even tried re-installing the app several times.
1) Is the dev-team aware of this? (Pretty sure I'm not the only one with these problems). Or does your support team always reply with the standard callcenter-copy-paste, and not feed back to the devs?
2) Could you please feed this back to your support team? I was being friendly, descriptive, with constructive feedback, and even attached a screenshot. Not really nice to get a "copy/paste callcenter" type response.
3) In TW/TB game modes (at least): Would it please be possible to keep the battle-counter at zero, if the game crashes during battle/environment load? Yesterday, I had a crash before I even saw the teams or environment. Lost my team AND battle counter went up. This should be fairly simple to achieve I believe, no? ("IF battle time <1s THEN reset team/counter")
Many thanks!

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Re: Incredibly sloppy game performance on more than 1 device

Hi, @Driftwookee 


I had something similar on my android device a couple of months ago. A reinstall of the game does wonders regarding constant crashes and freezes. Make sure you link your game to iOS game center before you do a reinstall. Wouldn't want you to loose everything.


I don't work for EA. If a post solved your problem, please accept it as a solution and grant XP.

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Re: Incredibly sloppy game performance on more than 1 device

★★★★ Novice
Just to quote from my initial post:
"I even tried re-installing the app several times."

TWO devices
THREE crashes per day average, on BOTH devices

On top of what I described above: this TW I had 3 game crashes in 4 offense attempts. Unacceptable. Other players are experiencing the same:

This post has been up for a week. I'd really appreciate feedback from the developer.
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