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In app purchase not honoured

by camscottay2234

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In app purchase not honoured

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Hi there. Last week I bought approximately 60$ of apex coins but for some unknown reason the coins were not added in game. I then tried resetting everything and contacting Microsoft support. They unfortunately could not do anything not even a refund because they’ve have a refund policy that only lets you take one refund per year. So I then contacted EA support and talked to three different people who were helpful but all told me the same thing, “we cannot help or add the missing coins onto your apex account because the photos you have provided as proof of purchase are off a mobile phone and we only accept images off an XBOX or a computer”. ???? You see I don’t own a computer or have access to one and Xbox does not allow you to take screenshots of anything outside of a game, so what am I going to do?? I’ve just given you my money and you’ve taken it and ran. I am a massive fan of a lot of EA titles mum first game EVER was need for speed underground and I especially love apex legends and titan fall, I have spent thousands of dollars on this * and now this happens and I can’t get what I paid for because I’m uploading proof of purchase off a mobile and not a computer? Excuse my French but what a * joke. Keep my money I don’t care but you know what I’m not spending another CENT on anything you bring to the table and I will try my hardest to BOYCOTT all your products from now on because what if this happens again? I’m suppose to just roll over and let you take my money AGAIN? The only solution your support team could give me is to go find a friend and borrow their laptop so I can upload the photos that way..... ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Really not happy at the way your policies run and the disrespect I have been shown as a massive fan and a big spender. We all know EAs priority’s are in its investors and making money, but when are you going to start rewarding your fans and long time supporters? You don’t show any support you just take and take. 


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Re: In app purchase not honoured

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I know your pain. My advise to you is, stay away from Rockstar Games, as they have the same policy.
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