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In VR, Target Tracker Icons Slip and Slide all across Vision

by Vox_Metzer_Bray

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In VR, Target Tracker Icons Slip and Slide all across Vision

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This issue seems to come and go at will.


Issue: Sometimes, the targeting icons (target box, objective icons, enemy ship icons) appear to become unattached to the rest of the game. When selecting a target, the box appears only near the object. Additionally, it seems to be overly sensitive to head motions. They seem to glide across one's vision like the floaties in your eye, always moving in opposite direction to one's head motions. It is as though they have come unattached to Z-space dimensions.


Symptoms: I can tell this issue will appear when booting up the game. In the Starting Menu, the background design (the series of diagonal lines striking through circles/octagons) will display the same slippery motions behind the pilot and starship. It's locked into a portion of my vision, but moves freely behind the other objects, locked to my head tracking motion.


When this issue occurs the game is unplayable in VR, as it is impossible to be accurate unless you get really good at eyeballing your shots which is made frustratingly difficult by all the slippery icons dancing across your vision, distracting you.


This issue is non existent on a regular monitor, however, once you've played in VR it is extremely difficult to return to playing it otherwise, which contributes to me not wanting to play, which in turn affects the active player count of the game.

I really really really want to see this game succeed and have a long, healthy career because it is the game and experience I've been wishing for since the 90s. Please make this investigation a priority, as I've seen numerous complaints about the same issue, and I don't want people to permanently leave the playerbase because of it.

Stay safe and be well!

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