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Improvements needed in FIFA 22

by RetroFifaKids

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Improvements needed in FIFA 22

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Hi EA,


This article is just a humble feedback from a long term Fifa player. This is to help look at what is expected in the next Fifa iteration.
I will not be going too technical about this, just logical.


In my opinion if all the following changes are implemented in Fifa, it would be a reasonably good game.


- Manual defending should be awarded
- AI defending (especially auto blocking and tracking) should be heavily nerfed
- Successful manual tackles should be rewarding the defender every time
- Reasonably accurate defender positioning for intercepting a pass should be rewarding a successful pass interception every time. the pass lane should not change after the defender is positioned in the straight line of the X pass
- X Pass assistance should be heavily nerfed. It should not work like through pass.
- Remove all nutmegs. Nutmegs should never happen in Fifa


- Please bring back Left Stick Dribbling
- Please fix passing. Its not possible make creative passes (especially long balls) at certain scenarios in Fifa 21. Specifically when 2 or more players are aligned in the line of the pass the player the game will lock on for a pass is extremely random.
- Remove the bridge dribble skill move or at least nerf it heavily.


- Remove keeper movement


- Bounces from "manual" tackles and interceptions should never go back to the opposition player
- The pay to win aspect of the game should be removed
- Bring back second man press
- heavily nerf Team Press
- Right Stick switching is horrible at this stage. Please improve it.


Believe me this is not everything that are to be improved in Fifa. There are a lot of other problems too. But the above changes will fix some of the important flaws of the game. I have put in 15 minutes of my time to write this. I expect EA have game testers and other teams dedicated to review gameplay. You guys should be picking things up pretty quick I hope. Please give us a proper skill based Fifa iteration.



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Re: Improvements needed in FIFA 22

Community Manager
Hi @RetroFifaKids,

Thanks for the feedback, I'll see that it gets to the right teams.
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Re: Improvements needed in FIFA 22

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I'd like to add crossplay, that would definitely mean i will buy FIFA22. Very annoying as a PC player to see how large the playerbase on those consoles is, compared to PC.

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