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IPD & GET shards not credited

by blindfate

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IPD & GET shards not credited

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After yesturdays phase advancement in DSTB my guild and I never received our IPD shards or GET from the special missions we did. There was nothing in anyone’s inbox. This is guild wide. 

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Re: IPD & GET shards not credited

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Still nothing. Went through EA Help and it was a terrible experience. They had people from Turkey (their links went to Turkish EA site) and they didn't understand that I was missing Special Mission rewards and not the whole TB rewards. They also kept saying I got my rewards on the same day I said I was missing the Special Mission rewards. EA was referring to me getting Chimera ship shards from finishing up the legendary ship event. I kept telling them that this isn't correct and they finally refereed me to specialist and said I got my "chimera" rewards and won't respond to me.  Any help is appreciated. 

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Re: IPD & GET shards not credited

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To add: I even sent them screenshots and they still could not get it.  Case number - 45238470

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