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[INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

by EA_Cade

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I get stuttering while driving around

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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technically below the system requirements, but it can go from just barely ok to absolutely TERRIBLE (on top of other issues) 
(I don't get how you can get an improvement in payback, but go backwards here)

On this system
PAYBACK runs ~30 (dips to 20s) and sometimes 40 fps at 1080p low (~40+ fps windowed ~720p - dips into 30's and bursts into 50's and 60's)
NFS2015 runsa bit worse (not really smooth between stutters)

Heat - about 50-65% the fps of Payback, and only with resolution scale at below 100% does it behave closer to Payback

YES it does run on windows 7, and YES those are the latest manufacturer drivers for the GPU

Oh and driving in the foilage DESTROYS fps just like dirt in Payback and GTA5 - (to a lesser extent) - even with my desktop GTX980Ti (haven't tried heat on it, but I can expect it to behave much the same)

When it stutters or drops frames GPU usage is below 100%

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Online constant random freezes sometimes it'll take 5 minutes other times 20 and sometimes its one after another sometime it isn't. When they happen the world around my card is moving such as the rain and the wind blowing. 

I've marked a part in the video below where another person is having the same issue I've seen many videos like this.

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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my xeon is chokeing so hard like discord and spotiffy but just add need for speed heat

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I updated my drivers, my windows reinstalled the game, and stil the game keeps freezing on me.

I have the needed specs.


My fps suddenly drops to 10 and the game won't respond anymore.

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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The game is outright unplayable for me, 100% CPU Usage. Stuttering, unable to launch the game at times. This is highly the cause of DENUVO DRM Service or poor optimization.... This is ridiculous 

CPU: i7 - 9700FK


RAM: 32 GB


The game should NOT run like this on my rig



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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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It does run slightly better offline, but it's still terrible

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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This game is an unplayable mess. I keep not getting first place on High Heat Races because not only the frame rate is awfull and fluctuates like crazy but it stutters a lot as well (it's worse if I use Realtek). I find funny how they release an update with "fixes" but then the game ends up being worse than it was before the update. Unbelievable! Forza not only has better graphics imo but it also runs flawlessly at max settings without having a single frame drop. I mean, it's so well optimized that makes this game (nfs heat) look like an indie game... it's so sad!

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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@EA_Cade Since the new 1.5 update, my FPS is dropped to 20. The game is unplayable. I haven't heard a peep from you guys. How do I go back to old version?!?!?! If there isn't a fix by the end of the week, I'm canceling my subscription to origin access premier. Why am I paying for a game I can't play!??!?!?!
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Okay I talked to a technical support rep from EA. And he helped me get the game close to where it was before. At least it's playable now. Here try these steps...

First clear the Origin cache. Follow these steps...

Then after you reboot your PC. Go back into Origin, login, and select Update on the NFS Heat game cog. It should automatically say you already have the newest version.

Then go to the cog and select Repair. This will check the files and repair any that are corrupt.

After I did this the game was able to run smoothly like it did before the patch.

Additionally, if this doesn't work. You can try adding the following command line argument without quotes "-MaxSimFps 60 -ForceSimRate 60 "

Add this in the advanced launch options in the Need for Speed™ Heat Deluxe Edition Properties under command line arguments.

Let me know if this helped anyone get their game back to normal.


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