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[INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

by EA_Cade

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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i fixed my game with lowering from TA to FXAA,  vegetation from ultra to high and shadows from ultra to high

before making these changes everytime i got into a new race my game froze about 1-3 seconds or in menu after a race ended

no more stutters and freezes, now its butter smooth


my rig GTX1080, i7 7700k, 16gb ddr4, game on HDD 7200rpm


but FXAA or any AA doesnt work on my end tho... i have jagged edges on all of my cars Frown i have last nvidia driver for GTX1080


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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I've played Heat for a few hours, it runs but it's unplayable for me. I noticed few issues that concern me a lot.


I've Reinstalled the game 3 times and reinstalled Nvidia drivers as well. Problems remain.

I've reported these issues in official forums and also posted on official Twitter with no response. Noticed plenty of people complaining about the same issues as well, not only on PC but on consoles too. Now, since everyone else is busy praising the game there is no room to clarify other issues, so I must bring them to attention.

Issues mainly being: Poor performance, crashes, graphical glitches and fps loss throughout. Low, Normal, High or Ultra settings. CPU usage is insane now.


This by it's self makes the game crash for me on multiple occasions hence my discontent. Plus, the game seems to run poorly with low fps frames and stutter at the race start, with npc's around or during night events in the city.


Note I am not playing at full resolution here so, it's very concerting to me that the game is out at this state. I've tried the game on Low, Normal, High and Ultra with Vsync off with other options lowered. (which makes it worse btw) Usually getting between 45 up to 78 fps at a time. With Vsync on get around 40 to 55 fps and the game still doesn't cooperate. I hope these issues ARE being worked on and will be addressed soon as possible. Have a good day.


My rig: I7 4770

Cooler Master Seidon 120V Liquid CPU Cooler

Corsair PCU 650 watts

GTX 1070ti

16 GB DDR3 ram

2TB Samsung SSD

MB Asus sabertooth z87

1360x768, 60hz

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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@venomtailHD I dont think its an AMD problem, Nvidia users have problems too.
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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@PSS214 i have same rig, what about cpu and gpu usage?
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Stutters in garage, during race, freeroam and when pulling near race start.

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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i have same issue, when i playing with fullscreen mode is fine, but when i tab outside the window and tab back to the game this issues happens more often

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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@venomtailHD @DJBassNrg10 it's becoming a trend with EA releases. And also i think the game was poorly optimized for PC or they might have published wrong specs. I dont dont think its a issue from AMD or nVidia side. Also i have already applied for refund i felt thats a better option than waiting for some patch.

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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For me its working super smooth here 5930k [stock clocks] and a msi gtx 1080 ti gaming x and 64 gigs of ram.

Fps between 80 and 90 on ultra settings @ 1440p.


The only real big problem right now is the crashings and freezing. That makes the game unplayable for me.

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I don't notice any stuttering anymore did they release a patch ?

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I had same issues when loading races or randomly shows up or when loading in to a race or game sound get garbled

Running Gigabyte ultra gaming board with a New EVGA NVIDIA GForce RTX 2070 Super Ultra FTW3 All drivers are current

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