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[INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

by EA_Cade

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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@c0rt3xbeats hey guys i found something for me its working a little bit better . a change my resolution scaling from 100% to 150 % and i have less stuttering and my processor is up to 70% . i think it will work for only big graphic cards .
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I am having the same stuttering when driving around either in a race or simply free-roaming.


Attached is my DxDiag for your information

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Constant freezes while driving around, high CPU usage, choppy framerate.


This game is so poorly optimized it hurts.



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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I got freezes almost everywhere, tried lower settings, update drivers, clear Origin cache - nothing works. It is ultra frustrating to play with this.

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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happens all the time not only during level ups but just driving around, checking cars in the showroom, etc

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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The reason this is happening, is because of absolutely awful or non existent optimization on PC. I get a strong sense of Playstation favouring with this game, did EA get paid by Sony to spend 90% of their time on the PS4 version? I have a PS4, but I definitely won't be buying the game on there. 




If you press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC on your keyboard, look at the ram usage and disk usage of NFS Heat. On my PC, NFS heat is using between 1.5gb and 2.7gb ram and using 100% disk. So it isn't even using ram like 99.99% of games do, it's trying to load files from your SSD or HDD which is why it keeps stuttering to catch up with files. I highly doubt PC players will see a fix within the next sort of 6 months, so just pretend the game releases on PC in 6 months from now, that's how I'm going about it. Playstation will get their paid for favouring for a while, so wait for that to end. If you have an M.2 SSD and install the game there, it'll run a lot better for you, any SSD is still a little improvement, anyone who has it installed on HDD will suffer the awful HDD read/write speeds because the game isn't using ram properly (almost looks like it's 32bit). There used to be an application on Steam, that essentially creative temporary RAM drives, so if you had 32gb ram+, it would load the game from ram automatically, I'm not sure if it'll help here, I'm not gonna find out. 


I'll attach a picture of my task manager

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Same as others on here. Game stutters very often, my CPU and GPU often are near 100% usage both and I even have white/black pixel artifacting on terrain (but not in cutscenes, in garage, in menu or on the car I'm driving. Also extremely short draw distance even on ultra settings).


The game can also crash and gives me some sort of directx related error, saying there wasn't it coudn't create a texture2d? Error also says GPU drivers are often at fault and that I should make sure I have more than 512MB on my GPU, which I do.


x470-I - 7 2700X - Vega 64 - 16GB 3200MHz ram

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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@cornflakegto Mine says about 2.6GB ram usage and around 40MB/s disk usage. The game is installed on an SSD
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Freezes during races and about to start a race!

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Hey there,


I have the ten-hour trial version, my game is keeping freezing for a second from time to time. Both in free roaming and in races.


Here's a clip showing what happens, please check at 05:57 and 06:22. As you can see I have no temperature issues, nothing is bottlenecking and the SSD usage is way below 100%.


This is my rig.


Case: BitFenix Neos

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600, stock cooler (no OC)

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 2x8GB DDR4 3000 mhz

GPU: Palit GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Drivers version 431.60)

MoBo: Asus Prime B350-Plus (BIOS version 4023)
Storage: Samsung 860 Evo 500GB (OS) / Samsung 860 EVO 1TB (Games)

PSU: Seasonic Focus+ Gold 550W

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Monitor: Samsung S22C300 (FullHD - 60 Hz)


I play @ 1080P with vSync enabled. I have tried to lower graphic settings to no avail, the game still freezes. Attached please find the DxDiag of my PC.


Please fix this issue asap, the game is great!




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