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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

by kserx666

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I had issues like at all times. And I'm talking dropping frames for like a second.

Issue dissapeared after enabling vsync... Like... Why?

There's probavly a bigger issue.




32gb ddr4 3000mhz


Nvme m.2 ssd

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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hi @EA_Cade my game freezes at random times at a race or near a race fore some seconds or minutes. got a 3700x runing at 65-75% usage

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Playing in solo mode results in a lot less stuttering, but doesnt completly fix them. I think its somehow realted to connecting ea servers.

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Betreff: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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2 times: "change car" selection in open world
severel times random


Rog strix Z390 e gaming

i5 9600k at 5.1

rog strix gtx1080ti og

water cooled and 1d stresstested

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Betreff: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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I set my BIOS options back to default and now my game works flawless. 

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Personally, I love this game and I have been waiting for it for quite a while and when I realized it came out, I bought it. I played it for 2 hours and from what I am seeing I love the game everything is beautiful (except there is too much water). I was having fun racing and I also bought a lotus until the lag kicks in, It was normal for an hour or so but then after that doing everything freezes the game (especially taking it into the garage). I have tried reinstalling the game and repairing the game, I have also tried shutting down everything in the background but it turns out, it didn't work and now I am pretty sad. I have uninstalled the game and currently, I am expecting a refund anytime soon since I requested a refund. I am very disappointed currently but if it's possible, hit me up if this issue is fixed and I might consider buying the game again to support it because it was really fun playing the game.

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Stop killing my CPU and use my Ram instead please..

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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@EA_Cade Except this is not always an issue of how well your computer runs the game, I had 18 hours played over 3 days with no issues whatsoever and out of nowhere my game crashes and now it keeps crashing every 10 minutes or less, I have done every fix that I have found online, each on their own, all together, everything imaginable to fix this issue that I was not having before I changed NOTHING and the game started crashing
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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there you go

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - PC - Stuttering

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Same problem, I bought the game the day before 1.4 update. It was not any problem but after the update, I got stuttering all times. Even the controller would be disconnected during the game. Also my CPU usage is always 100%.

My PC: i5 9400f; 16G 2666MHz DDR4; 2070 Super OC.

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