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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Hit Registration

by digi_a54

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Hit Registration

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As of today 9/7/19 the hit detection is still absolutely horrible for me. I can spam someone with a whole g7 mag and only land a few hits. This goes for pretty much any other gun I use. The only way I found to slightly improve my shots landing is using a light machine gun. Only for the sheer fact it has so many bullets Im lucky to even hit them with a 1/4 of the mag. With this new armed and dangerous event i just want to delete this game because it doesn't even feel fair anymore.

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Hit Registration

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Tonight jumped on Virginia 1 server pinging 34,0 packet loss.  Played a few games, shots just blazing through opponents with no apparent registration.  Something I've noticed when this happens.  Hop up in weapons seems exaggerated and movements seem to last just a little longer than they should.  Even with level 3 stock and barrel the guns stand up when fired badly, more so than with no attachments in other games. 


Got frustrated  restarted my xbox and switched to Virginia 2, same criteria, all hits registering and behaving as normal.  No fishbowling, just normal play. 

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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Hit Registration

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I'd reply but I'm currently resetting my PC to hopefully get rid of the constant crashes in Apex. And yes I meet all minimum standards and run a 1080Ti. Hit reg is awful. I'm pinging about 40-50 and consistently die at the hands of people I'm steadily blasting. Either your server ticks are off big time or people are running far dissimilar pings. I don't know why there's not a high ping warning above 80 and a kick at 100
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] Hit Registration

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Just wanted to give you an update after the recent updates as to what I'm seeing on xbox.  Now that my errors have mostly been resolved, it seems registration is better overall, but...


I experience it almost none when playing solos.  Then if we squad up it may or may not pop up and seems to stay the whole session, good or bad.  That said, it honestly feels less like hit registration and more like a slight latency in the controls or something.  We call it fishbowl'ing because it feels like something is just a little skewed whether it be the controls are somehow lagging a bit, the sound lagging, visuals lagging, something.  It's almost like a continuation of when you initially land and can't pick anything up for a few seconds.  It makes it difficult to run through places and pick up stuff in a hustle and you wind up having to wiggle around trying to grab something you would normally just breeze over.  I usually toggle between Virginia 1 and 2 servers pinging about 30-34 lately.  Sometimes switching servers works, sometimes just rebooting the game.  I feel like some of the below stuff may be lumped in with the hit registration/sync issue.  


I've also noticed weird stuff like landing somewhere and seeing no guns, then get shot at by someone in the same space you scanned over, yet managed to find a gun where you already looked.  


In the latest release squading up you also lose audio to teammates about 1 out of 10 games, only in that game.   Also about 2 out of those you may lose some of the sound fx. 


Also, as of recently Octanes jump pad half the time doesn't work.  I've found my self circling around that thing way more than I'd like.  Especially when running.  It's like the side of the pad bounces the player up just enough that it doesn't register?


As usual, feel free to reach out if you want more detail. 


PS.  Another thing that drives me nuts is when you get on a streak of landing and not finding guns anywhere you look, yet everyone around you somehow finds 3 of everything.  We joke that you are in Apex timeout.  haha

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