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IG88 TB battles

by taxingpear94

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IG88 TB battles

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I took IG88 into the bounty hunter special mission today to fulfill the prestigious quest requirements. I should be at 2/12 battles but the counter is only showing 1/12. I KNOW I used IG88 in the battle. Ally code is 991-589-674

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Re: IG88 TB battles

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On the other forum, it says that if you use IG88 in the special missions it doesn't count? What gives? This was in a post on Jan 29 2019. Kyno directed the OP to the answers HQ for this.
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Re: IG88 TB battles

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I think the special missions don't count towards the achievements. I have seen this happen over the last few TB. It's frustrating but I havent found a solution to fix this.
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Re: IG88 TB battles

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I can verify they don't. I was hoping to get the 12 battles in 2 runs. I found another player who posted, waiting to hear what they were told. Just because it is a special mission, doesn't mean it shouldn't count. After all it counts for Boba and the wampa challenge.
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