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I think Battlefront 2 causes my GPU or monitor to act funky

by GriffiinXO

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I think Battlefront 2 causes my GPU or monitor to act funky

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So for the longest time, when I would start games or turn YouTube/Netflix/any video to fullscreen, it would go fullscreen, then flash black for a second (audio cut out too) and then go back to the video or game. I didn't think anything of it or try to fix it.


couple weeks ago I started making changes around in NVIDIA Control Panel and found that I wanted my settings to be application controlled (Adjust image settings -> let the 3D application decide). After doing that my games and youtube magically stopped doing the flicker when switching to full screen.


Then I played some BF2, and noticed the flicker would come back. Then I would change the 3D Application (in NVIDIA Control Panel) settings to "Use the advanced 3D image settings" and then back to "Let the 3D application decide" and it would fix, but only if I didn't play any origin games.


Wtf is going on here? Do I just need to stop playing BF2 to get this to stop?

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