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Re: I simply just want a REFUND

by JuneauEu

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I simply just want a REFUND

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As per topic, with millions of crashes and bug stories i may say, where should i signed? 

I want to play game and not get my console broken, that's it. 



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Re: I simply just want a REFUND

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Try support from where you bought the game.  Most digital stores have chat support.  If you bought it physical contact the store directly and if they are no help contact the stores corporate number, usually the associates will give you the number or even call if you ask them to.  Explain the crashing, explain that it's damaging peoples consoles.  Be kind and respectful, cussing them out usually backfires.  Good luck.

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Re: I simply just want a REFUND

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Yo chill dude.

I did chat with EA Officer earlier today,

and he told me to post it in one of the threads here,

also i did already message the Ask Play Station like he mentioned in twitter. 


But still no answers yet. 

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Re: I simply just want a REFUND

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But the guy above answered your question?

If you want a refund, go to the store you bought the game from and ask for a refund.  If you bought it via Origin, go via the origin return game policy.

I genuinely doubt the EA support told you to post on the Technical Issues forum about getting a refund...

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Re: I simply just want a REFUND

[ Edited ]
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@JuneauEu i bought it from the PlayStation Store, and couldn't find any form here from :


edited : the guy only assist me how to, and one of em is just to put complains in the other forums thread



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Re: I simply just want a REFUND

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To request a refund, simply fill out our contact form at and select “refund request” from the drop down list in thePlayStation Network & Account section. You'll need to have the following to hand; Your PSN Online ID. Your Sign-In ID (Email Address)


If you don't see a form go to the website and try another contact option.


Playstation will be responsible for your refund and not EA. Sorry!

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Re: I simply just want a REFUND

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@JuneauEu i'm so sorry its kind of different landing page results appear here if you're in asia (yet there are no such thing here like "refund request" shows up from any drop down list - yes different menus here)


however, maybe you can help me to download the refund form please? 



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