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Re: I purchased medical probes and they are missing

by EA_Habutai

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I purchased medical probes and they are missing

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I am a free to play player, when I died playing I purchased medical probes 3 times. Not even one lot of the medical probes have shown up so I have many missing drones which I purchased, I know the purchase went through since all three of the times it says in my game "adding medical probes" even though they do not get added

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Re: I purchased medical probes and they are missing



what is your swtor username in case not linked to this ea account


Medical probes was intended to be unlimited after the recent patch


however it appears that this change didn't occur with the patch and is being investigated, your issue is likely related to the fact they should be unlimited


I would send an email to and request refund of the cartel coins and they can look and see what has occurred with your purchase too.


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Re: I purchased medical probes and they are missing

EA Live QV Team

@lukematthews1909 The recent changes of Update 5.10.4 should give all players unlimited medical probes. We are aware that some Preferred account still have the old limit active and your account seem to be affected. 


If Cartel Coins have been deducted for medical probes please contact the SWTOR Support team to get these Coins refunded. 

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