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Re: I only have 2 fortress

by Spart128

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I only have 2 fortress

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Hey guys,

its been 3 or 4 days now that I only have only 2 fortress listed on the map when we choose a fortress mission, so I can only launch the Temple of Scars and the Maelstrom.

I'm lvl 30 for a long time now, this occured after a server disconnect when I was on the fortress that wasn't listed (I've launched a quickplay and joined a finished mission then got a disconnect.), after the reconnexion, my character was lvl 1 but when I launched a freeplay my lvl got back to 30.


Before that, everything was fine and I've been playing hundreds of times the bug fortress with out bug (haha).


I tried the repare button on origin, and waited for the update, but still cant see/choose the bug fortress Frown

this is my conf even if its useless :

SSD 500 go,

GTX 1060 6go,


16go ram,

windows 10


Cant send a screen because its too big.


Thanks !

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Re: I only have 2 fortress

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When you will finish your main story, there will be third one on the very top of the map. Hard to see it, but you also should have this one. Heart of Rage


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Re: I only have 2 fortress

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Hey HaywireTNT and thx for the reply,

I've finished the main story a long time ago, I have access to the one on top of the map(maelstrom) and the one on the right but not the third on the left, (the first that you unlock).

on a screenshot :nobugfortress01.png

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Re: I only have 2 fortress

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@Spart128 Hey there, that's the Tyrant Mine and you can get it to show back up by having someone invite you to their party who still has it visible. 


After that you should see it on your map again. 

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Re: I only have 2 fortress

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Oh thx I'll try that Standard smile

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Re: I only have 2 fortress

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Are you kidding me?  This is your fix?  What if you don't know anyone in the game, like in my case?  This only disappeared for me after I did it on GM1 the first time.  Come up with a real fix!

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