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Re: I get Connection lost error all the time and can't login.

by EA_Lanna

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I get Connection lost error all the time and can't login.

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Error screenshotI get "Connection lost: your session has expired, either another device has logged into this account, or it has been 24 hours since you last logged in". 

- I have a good connection.

- Have deleted cash and data from the google play store, google play services app, and google play games.

- My router and laptop wifi adapter's drivers are updated.

- have restarted the router.

- have uninstalled/reinstalled blue stacks on my laptop. and the game on my phone as well.

- game isn't open on any of my devices.

- Reload button does nothing. I see this error every single time on all my devices.

- Have changed my Google account password

- Have cut the access of the game to my google account to make sure no one else is using it and then granted it again from my phone. no success.

- Have attempted to log in to my account on 5 different, new, and completely updated android devices.
- Have contacted google play live chat support and they guaranteed that my google account has no problems and is 100% functioning.

- I have uninstalled google play store and google play game updates and updating them again.

I'm almost certain it's not from the google side of things. It's from the EA end.


What should I do? This happened after contacted EA support and now can't access my account? live chat is either disabled or too busy so no way for me to contact them again either.

I wonder if actually anyone is reading all these messages. 0 replies after 2 days.

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Re: I get Connection lost error all the time and can't login.

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Hi @darthtzar,

Apologies, I haven't been in the last while and so am just catching up on this board myself. I hope you were able to connect with the support team in the meantime and receive support on this.

The boards are reviewed by staff but AHQ is predominately a player helping player platform i.e. players share their advise and workarounds, etc with each other. Staff, like myself will join in and offer advise also when we can but that's not always possible. So this forum wouldn't be an alternative to connecting with the support team if you need that one-on-one help. This thread goes into the forums and SWGOH boards a bit more if you'd like to learn more: Welcome to the STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes Boards on Answers HQ!

In regards to reaching out to the support team for help with SWGOH, for again it's best to send in a help ticket from in-game (which will only offer an email contact option) as the ticket will then generate needed information the help team will need to continue with your case. This thread will walk through how to generate one of those in-game tickets to reach the support team: How to contact support. 


- EA_Lanna


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