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I can't play apex legends it's crashing at black loading screen?

by About-8-Ninjas

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I can't play apex legends it's crashing at black loading screen?

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I used to play apex legends just fine before, i have 130 hours spent into it, all of the sudden i can't play it now because of crashing right at the startup loading screen without any errors, tried 

 reinstalled both origin and apex legends, ALSO updated drivers to latest version tried every solution there is on internet, i really wanna play apex legends again please help me anyone.




GTX 1050TI



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Re: I can't play apex legends it's crashing at black loading screen?

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This did happen to me too today. Cant fix it either. Dont know whats messed up.


Never had any issues at all and now I cant play at all.

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Apex Legends update is unplayable Because of file errors

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Apex Legends new update broke my pc, once i updated the game the first time i launched it was an infinite black screen. So i repaired *gasp* but then when i reopened it said that there was a problem with another file (don't need to specify rn because it was a previous problem) I uninstalled then re-downloaded, So next time i opened it ran for a few minutes...before terrible lag spikes and audio cracks before crashing because there were duplicate files interfering. I removed the files and then NOW it says "controller bindings file scrips/keys_controllen_xone.rson was not loaded" Ok i am on pc AND not using controllers. Can i get some help? if so then thank you BTW REPAIRING DOES NOT WORK NOR UNINSTALLING THE don't ask Wink


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PC Freeze on Load

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Played for about 2 weeks. Now after the splash screen on loading, I get a black screen that never resolves.  Started like 3/22.  I've tried all of the internet tips (deleting temp folders, turning off origin cloud, etc).  Nothing.


On Saturday I deleted the game and reinstalled.  It worked for about 2-3 sessions this weekend.  Sunday night, black screen freeze again and today as well.  I'm not going to reinstall every time I want to play (assuming that would work again).


Just tell me this is a known issue and I'll go away for a few weeks until this stuff gets resolved. 

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